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Up and down the country there are groups of Lay Marists  - 'Marist Way' - who meet regularly to pray, to share and to deepen their understanding of the Gospel, and the Marist vocation to live the Gospel in Mary's way, thinking like Mary, judging like Mary feeling and acting like Mary.

Both Goldthorpe and Grimethorpe can boast very active Marist Way groups under the leadership of one of their members. 
Some time ago in the Sacred Heart Church a Service of Dedication and Renewal was organised by Group Leader Pam Kershaw.  Three new members - Pauline Pennington, Jennifer Baker and Marie Louise Archibald were received.  Listening to the sincerity of these ladies making their commitment was a moving and renewal experience for all presen.

Leader of the Group Pam Kershaw based her address on an excerpt from 'Like a Bridge' by Laurence Duffy and Charles Girard.

Being Marist ...................
As marists, we are not being invited to follow a new role model.  Instead we are invited to refer to a person.  This is an important distinction.  
We are conscious that we are chosen to bear the name of Mary so we refer all decisions to her. Faced with a decision, we do not try to imitate what she did. Instead we ask ourselves: "What would she think of it? How would she judge, how would she feel about it and finally what would she do?"
It is an intimate relationship not just imitation of a role model.
Mary is not a role model we struggle to imitate; she is a living person with whom we have a special bond this has a profound yet gentle influence on our lives 
Remaining close to her, we become like her and her way of following Jesus becomes our way.

When the Service was over both groups enjoyed a celebratory meal in Monk Bretton.

The National Administrator for the Marist Fathers in England is Father Michael Coleman SM and for the Sisters, Sister Mary Magdalen SM.

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