Marist Sisters UK  

Our Crest


Sub Maria e nomine
… under the name of Mary-
a privilege and a responsibility..
for it stresses that all we say,
all we do, all we are comes under
the protection and care of our
Blessed Mother. However, it is also a
challenge to be Mary… to see, think,
judge, love and act as she does in the
living out of our lives as Marists.

The ‘A’ and the ‘M’
remind us of the angel’s greeting at
the Annunciation, “Ave Maria”,
“Hail Mary”. Mary uttered her “Yes” to God.
As Marists, we are called to re-iterate
that “Yes” daily.

The large golden star and the
twelve smaller ones

links us to a beautiful passage in the Book
of Revelation:
“Now a great sign appeared in the heaven:
a woman, adorned with sun, standing on the
moon, and with twelve stars on her head for a crown”
It also reminds us of Mary at Pentecost in the
midst of the twelve apostles –
a waiting, watchful, expectant, supportive prayerful woman.

The blue… Mary’s colour
The green … a sign of life, growth, vitality;
also the colour of Ordinary Time…
Mary accompanies us along the whole of our life journey.
The gold… colour of light… with Mary’s “Yes”
Jesus the Light entered our world

(Anne McCabe SM)

Marist Sisters UK