Marist Sisters UK  


Convinced that the Good News of Salvation is for all, we work actively to announce the Gospel.
with Mary at the heart of Marist mission we are encouraged to be women of prayer and of action, allowing the Word of God to give meaning and direction to our lives.

We believe our lives have no meaning if we do not proclaim the Gospel and its values 

We believe our Marist charism is a gift to the Church, relevant in our contemporary world and a source of enrichment for all who come in contact with it.

With Pope Francis we recognise
"A whole world awaits us: men and women who have lost all hope, families in difficulty, abandoned children, young people without a future, the elderly, sick and abandoned, those who are rich in the world's goods but impoverished within, men and women looking for a purpose in life, thirsting for the divine."

Our discipleship of the Word calls us to hear these stories, as Mary would to sit with those who suffer and to listen without having the answers.    .

Following in the footsteps of our Founders and living our charism, we are called to be a counter cultural witness in a world where Christian and human values have been eroded and replaced by materialism, individualism, consumerism.


We believe our Marist Charism is relevant in our contemporary world.

Aware of our ever-changing reality we hold to our charism convinced of its changeless relevance for a world which struggles to find its way and as we carry out our apostolate among our contemporaries.
We provide facilities and support for persons seeking space and time to reflect, review and renew their lives..
For all we provide support in the Marist Retreat Centre Nympsfield Gloucestershire situated in this area of natural beauty where the very air inspires peace, joy, and awe at the beauty and wonders of God's creation  giving added food for reflection.


Discipleship calls us to journey with Mary into a life full of hope.

In accepting the ever-changing context of life and mission we desire to embrace life to the full 
Just as our early Marist Sisters few in number but large in courage and hope went out among the people, disciples of the Word, bringing the Good News, sharing with all engaging in ministry that touched the lives of young and old.
We continue to maintain the practice and to share with all including the young in the Marist Youth Centre Manchester offering time and space to discover God in their lives

You will find life by giving life, you will find hope by giving hope, you will find love by giving love. ( Pope Francis)

Mindful of global issues we seek to accompany through prayer and where possible actions all people where life is at risk.

In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI in his World Day of Peace message concentrated on Care of the natural Environment  care of " what God has given us"  suggesting that  "Peace with the Earth will lead to Peace on the Earth"
In 2015 Pope Francis stressed the continued challenge and urgency of the situation by devoting to the topic an Encyclical Laudato Si subtitled Care of our Common Home.   "In this Encyclical  I would like to enter into dialogue with all people about our Common Home"   he reminds us that " there are important issues to be addressed" for which we all are responsible not only in the natural environment but also among the poorest and suffering peoples of the world.

 In our Marist living we strive to keep in mind the necessity of conserving natural resources and environment.  We support initiatives that promote the integrity of creation - care of the earth and of the suffering and poorest people in the world.

Marist Sisters UK