Mission & Values

Mindful of our Foundress’ vision of Mary as the mainstay of the new-born Church and its support at the end of time’ we, like Mary, support the Church in our time especially in its less privileged members, ministering among the people and sensitive to the many kinds of poverty - true to our founding apostolic charism we aim to be a reconciling presence of Mary in our time.


‘Our Congregation is characterised by the desire to make the mystery of Mary in the Church the daily inspiration of its life and work not by the promotion of any particular form of Marian devotion’

(Constitutions 4)


At the heart of our mission as Marists is prayer, personal and communal.  Our prayer enriches our communities and our apostolic ministry.  With Mary inspiring Marist Mission we are encouraged to be women of prayer and action, praying for others and with others.

Our discipleship calls us to journey with Mary into a life full of hope.

In today’s ever changing world with number of Religious generally decreasing, we Marist Sisters are no exception, and though fewer in number with courage and perseverance we share in the lives of our local people contributing to the growth of the kingdom of God  in the society in which we live.