When I was asked to write a few paragraphs on ‘Vocation’, I felt a speechlessness with a sense of an inability to formulate or express concrete thoughts. Then the reflection of Thomas Merton came to me and made sense:

‘There is a silent self within us whose presence is disturbing because it is so silent, it can’t be spoken. It has to remain silent. To articulate it, is to tamper with it, and in some ways to destroy it.’

(Alone with the Alone)

Province Vocations Group

Province Vocations Group

However I take the risk of expressing my response to the word Vocation, call and response, as seeing God delighting to be among his people. It is being aware of how silently his Presence gradually draws each person to a closer relationship with him until ‘His will is our will; until his will is my will’. He leaves the choice to each one of us and his grace is sufficient.


With the passage of the years, our deepest response can only be, to fall down in adoration and thanksgiving before the ‘silent presence within’. David danced with joy before the Ark. May we continue to joy in dancing the ‘Dance of life’ as we serve Christ in the needy, as we build each other up and support each other, as we live and work to build His Kingdom 

As Marists may the presence and joy of Mary in that dance of life shine forth on our faces inspiring others, especially those whom he needs for His purpose. May they hear and respond to the call to come closer.

Carmel Reynolds SM